APOLLO 14 S-IV-B IMPACT,  2, each Mitchell Signed
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2 charts showing the impact site of the man-made "Moon quake," inscribed by Edgar Mitchell:
1. "Apollo 14 S-IV-B Impact Lunar Planning Chart," lunar chart, 21 by 17 inches. The predicted and actual Apollo 14 S-IV-B impact areas are marked, as are the Apollo 13 S-IV-B impact and Apollo 12 LM ascent stage impact areas.
2. "Apollo 14 S-IV-B Impact," lunar chart, 21 by 17 inches. Utilizing Lunar Orbiter images, this chart has an enlarged area showing the planning and actual Apollo 14 S-IV-B impact areas, the Apollo 12 ALSEP and Apollo 13 S-IV-B impact sites, plus the LM Ascent Stage impact sites for Apollo 12 and 14.

After the LM was extracted by the CSM from the Saturn V third stage (S-IV-B), that stage was intentionally impacted into the Moon during Apollo 14. This caused a calibrated "Moon quake" as measured by the lunar seismometer left by the Apollo 12 crew.
Both charts are inscribed "A smashing success! Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 LMP."
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