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"Abort Trajectory Performance Studies: Apollo Mission Planning Task Force." Bethpage, NY: Grumman, October 15, 1964. 11 by 8 ½ inches. Upwards of 300 pp. Spiral-bound.

An early study that would come into use during Apollo 13. The upper cover is inscribed "Parts of section six utilized for our return to earth on Apollo 13, Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP."
Apollo lunar landing missions would be the most complex space flight to be performed during the 1960s. A meeting was held in 1964 which put together recommendations for abort steps during flight phases of the Saturn launch, earth orbit, translunar injection, translunar coast, lunar orbit, lunar module descent and ascent. Apollo 13 used concepts originally addressed in section 6, "Translunar coast aborts." Four possible engine burns are described, including one using the LEM engine. This method was employed during Apollo 13 to return the crew safely to Earth.
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