Apollo 11, 12, and 14 Traverses
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“Apollo 11, 12, and 14 Traverses,” lithograph printed in green and black, prepared by the USGS for the Defense Mapping Agency for NASA, detailed legend, 29 by 21 inches.

Stunning graphic illustration of Man’s expanding lunar surface footpaths over the first three landing missions, boldly inscribed and signed by three moonwalkers. This chart shows the brief excursion by Armstrong and Aldrin—staying within 200 feet of the LM, then Conrad and Bean's roughly 1,300 foot trek away from the LM, and finally the nearly one mile long traverse by Shepard and Mitchell toward Cone Crater.
Aldrin has signed next to the Little West Crater: “July 20-21, 1969 / Buzz Aldrin LMP.” Above the Apollo 12 map, Bean writes: “Pete and I ran and walked around this small part of the Ocean of Storms on November 19 & 20, 1969. Alan Bean, Apollo XII.” Lastly, underneath their route Mitchell has inscribed: “The longest "Moon walk" during the Apollo program. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14, Feb. 1971.
Apollo 11 is at 1:250 scale and shows the Little West Crater area, the U.S. flag, and surface experiment areas. Apollo 12 is at 1:2,500 scale and outlines both surface explorations. Included are ALSEP placement, the mysterious large and small mounds, all surrounding craters, and the Surveyor III landing site of 1967. Apollo 14 is at 1:4,000 scale and has the dual traverses to the ALSEP area, geophone line placement, and the long trek to Cone Crater. The sample collection site of "C1" shows how close Shepard and Mitchell really were to the edge of Cone.
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