Apollo 11 LM Descent Monitoring Charts, 2 sheets
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“Edition 1. LM Descent Monitoring Chart … 16 July 1969 Launch Date – Landing Site No. 2,” 2 charts based on lunar orbiter photography, Sheet 2 and Sheet 3A, 12½ by 48 and 12½ by 36 inches respectively.

Two charts identical to the ones flown in the Lunar Module Eagle during the Apollo 11 mission showing the flight path from orbit down to the lunar landing site. Inscribed and signed by Buzz Aldrin with quotations from his Apollo 11 flight communications.
Sheet 2 marks events beginning 4 minutes before the LM's Power Descent Initiation (PDI) at the far right and counts down in white lettering at one minute intervals. The actual point of PDI is labeled and occurs near the chart center. An increasing time count is labeled at 20 second intervals until T + 4 minutes to the far left. During the flight period on this chart, the LM was face down which allowed Armstrong and Aldrin to view these lunar features outside their windows. Sheet 3A continues Sheet 2 and maps the final steps of Eagle's landing from 2+40 (minutes and seconds) into the PDI burn all the way down to the landing ellipse area some 9+ minutes into that burn. By PDI 4 minutes, Eagle had rolled to crew windows face up which allowed the landing radar to acquire the surface. Grid patterns printed in black mark every 30 minutes of latitude and longitude. The planned LM descent path center line and viewing limits are printed in white.
Buzz Aldrin has inscribed the maps near the points at which he made the original radio communications, as follows: “Go …. At 4 Minutes,” “…Descent Looks Good,” “Sequence Camera Coming On,” and “’Contact Light’ Buzz Aldrin LMP.” The top margin of the first sheet is inscribed: “Some LMP Comments During Eagle’s Descent! Buzz Aldrin."
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