Camera lenses 30
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Camera lenses 30
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Camera lenses
Twenty six, mostly large format camera lenses, including a brass barrelled Goerz Dopple - Anastigmat Ser III 270mm/4.6, a Zuiko f4.5/200mm, Goerz Dagor 120mm/f6.3, Xenar f4.5/13.5cm in a dial set Compur shutter, Aldis 10 inch f6.3 Anastigmat, Dallmeyer Serrac 8 inch/f4.5, Kengott Double Anastigmat f4.5/190mm lens in a Koilos shutter, 8 1/2 inch focus Ross projection lens, Dallmeyer No. 2 series ADON lens, Bausch & Lomb Metrogon 6 inch wide angle lens element and an Anastigmat Dissymetric Lucidior f3.8 by H. Duplouigh Paris and others and with the addition of four tele converters for 35mm lenses. (30)
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