Leica cameras and equipment qty
Lot 479
Leica cameras and equipment qty
Sold for £504 (US$ 847) inc. premium
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Leica cameras and equipment
Comprising a Leica II, chrome, No. 234031 with an Elmar 5cm/f3.5 lens No. 306012, a Leica Ic, chrome, No. 522992 with a Summaron 3.5cm/f3.5 lens No. 885520, cap, a Hektor, chrome, 13.5cm/f4.5 lens No. 855697, both caps, a rigid 9cm/f4 Elmar, black, No. 413982 with both caps and actina filter, Leitz 13,5cm, 9cm and 5cm bright line finders, Canon 35mm optical finder 'NOOKY' close up attachment, boxed sundry filters, close up lenses and sundries. (qty)
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