1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD  Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B
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1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B
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1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD  Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B 1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD  Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B 1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD  Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B 1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD  Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B 1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD  Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B 1955 Ford THUNDERBIRD  Chassis no. P5FH-162903 Engine no. 9425-B
Chassis no. P5FH-162903
Engine no. 9425-B
Peinte en Golden Glow Yellow (jaune d’or métallisé n° 419) avec intérieur crème et tapis noirs, cette superbe Thunderbird est équipée du moteur V8 de 4,8 litres et de la boîte manuelle à trois rapports. Elle n’a couvert que 3 500 km environ depuis sa restauration en 2005/2006 qui a porté sur une peinture complète et un regarnissage de l’intérieur (contre-portes, tapis et drap de pavillon) avec remplacement de tous les joints caoutchouc.

Parallèlement, le moteur a été refait avec montage d’un carburateur, d’une pompe à huile, d’une pompe à eau, du ventilateur, des durites, d’un thermostat neufs outre une réfection de l’embrayage. Le système électrique a été passé de 6 en 12 volts et un alternateur a remplacé la dynamo.

Les trains roulants ont été totalement refaits. Les freins avant ont reçu des disques, des pistons, un servo et un maître-cylindre neufs. Les flexibles des freins arrière ont été changés comme les câbles du frein à main. La direction et les suspensions ont reçu des bagues et des rotules neuves. Les amortisseurs sont neufs. En superbe état général, cette voiture possède des pneus à flancs blancs, un siège avant électrique, une direction réglable, son hard-top d’usine et d’autres équipements d’origine. Elle est accompagnée de sa carte grise belge et de son contrôle technique.

Conceived to challenge Chevrolet’s Corvette sports car, the classic Thunderbird convertible debuted in October 1954 for the 1955 model year and was one of the first models produced with Ford’s new overhead-valve V8 engine. In its ’56 Thunderbird configuration, the latter displaced 292ci (4.8 litres) and produced 200bhp, while the optional Special V8 displaced 312ci (5.1 litres) and delivered 215bhp, with ‘Ford-O-Matic’ equipped versions more powerful still. Introduced in two-seat ‘personal car’ form, the Thunderbird was intended to appeal to image-conscious younger customers, beating the Corvette hands down in the sales war thanks to its superior V8 engine and greater refinement. Its success took Ford by surprise: 16,000 were sold in the first year when a total of only 10,000 had been expected, and the production run over three years exceeded 53,000.
Apart from mounting the rear wheel on the trunk and adding porthole windows to the hardtop, Ford left the T-Bird fundamentally unchanged for 1956 before a more thoroughgoing restyle for 1957 saw the adoption of a longer tail section featuring prominent fins. This alteration provided greater luggage space while enabling the spare wheel to be relocated in the trunk, a move that greatly improved the handling. Despite its success, the original concept soon was abandoned and a larger - and slower - four-seat version introduced for 1958, a move that turned the early two-seater cars into collectors’ items almost overnight. Today the 1955-’57 Thunderbirds are among the most desirable and sought after of post-war American automobiles.
Finished in Golden Glow Yellow (no. 419) with cream interior and black carpets, this beautiful Thunderbird has the 4.8-litre V8 engine and three-speed manual transmission. The car has covered only 3,500-or-so kilometres since undergoing extensive restoration in 2005/2006, which included a complete repaint and an interior re-trim (door panels, carpets and headlining) while all the rubber seals were replaced. At the same time the engine was overhauled, receiving a new carburettor, oil pump, water pump, fan, hoses, thermostat and a clutch kit. The electrical system has been upgraded to 12-volt operation (from 6-volt) and an alternator fitted in place of the original dynamo.
The running gear likewise has been thoroughly refurbished, the front disc brakes being overhauled with new calipers, pistons, rotors, servo and master cylinder, while the rear drums’ flexi hoses were replaced together with the handbrake cable. The steering/suspension received new Silentbloc bushes, ball joints and shock absorbers.

Presented in generally excellent condition, the car features whitewall tyres, electric front seat, adjustable steering wheel and comes with its factory hardtop and all other original parts. It is offered with Belgian Carte Grise and Contrôle Technique.
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