Simeon Solomon (British, 1840-1905) A Pre-Raphaelite studio fantasy unframed
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Simeon Solomon (British, 1840-1905) A Pre-Raphaelite studio fantasy unframed
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Simeon Solomon (British, 1840-1905)
A Pre-Raphaelite studio fantasy
inscribed with extended title below image
pen and black ink over pencil
23.5 x 23.5cm (9 1/4 x 9 1/4in).


  • The present lot depicts Simeon Solomon's ability to mock the Pre-Raphaelite's mission even at an early age. He was only fifteen when he drew this and yet he demonstrates his irreverence to the Brotherhood despite being both a highly serious and knowledgeable young acolyte. He draws himself as an artist equipped with palette, paintbrush and Ruskin's 'modern painters' being subjected to a father's lament for a wasted education. Throughout his life Solomon exhibited regularly with the Pre-Raphaelites (only missing one year between 1860 and 1872) but like Burne-Jones and Rosseti, he adopted humour in his work and often admiministered mockery through wicked satire.

    The inscription below the work reads: 'In this drawing we find depicted the various emotions which might be found in the countenance of any great painter, (not a member of the Academy oh dear, no! they are too liberal minded) where he discovers that his **** hour, after five courses of lectures, three editions of Barry, Opie, Fuseli, and numerous other incentives to artistic progress has read, and become a P-eR-e. In the background is represented the distressed parent's great work "Diana and Mendiumon (unsold) (!)".

    (ex. cat) Colin Cruise, Love Revealed Simeon Solomon and the PreRaphaelites, (Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, 2005), P.34. fig. 11.
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