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SCOTT (ROBERT FALCON) Autograph letter to Dr. Wilson snr. “I think there are few things in which I take such pride as in the confidence of your son…”, 4 pages, signature cut out, onboard RMS Saxon, 19 July, 1910; Autograph letter signed to Dr. Wilson snr. on British Antarctic Expedition stationary, pleased at Ted’s improved health “It is splendid to see him so brown and vigorous”, and that Ted was to go [by liner with Ory on RMS Corinthic] to Australia on a mission to the Federal Government “I’m afraid he would sooner remain in the Terra Nova but there’s work to be done in Australia which only he or I could do so he has sacrificed himself as usual”, 4 pages, [Simonstown], 28 September, 1910; SCOTT (KATHLEEN BRUCE) Autograph letter signed to Mrs. Wilson, congratulating her on Ted’s successful expedition to Cape Crozier [in 1911] and “I am so very glad too that he has gone on furthurest South with my husband”, with the postscript “He never fails – your Son”, 174, Buckingham Palace Road, 1912, 8vo
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