An Attic red-figure column krater
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A large Attic red-figure column krater
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An Attic red-figure column krater
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A large Attic red-figure column krater
Mid 5th Century B.C.
Possibly by the Leningrad Painter, the body decorated on both sides with a Komos scene, depicting six male revellers from the symposium, all draped in himatia, side (a) showing three figures, the central figure holding a plectrum in his right hand to play the lyre in his left, and moving to the right, his head upturned as if singing, flanked to the left by a figure carrying an amphora in his left arm, a staff in his right, and to the right by a figure holding a staff and dancing with his right leg raised, side (b) with a further three figures, the central figure holding a skyphos in his left hand, moving to his right towards a figure holding a staff, whilst looking back at the figure on his left, each scene with a plain baseline, flanked by a double column of dots with a band of tongues above at the shoulder, rays emanating from the foot, a band of finely linked lotus buds at the neck on side (a) and on top of the rim, a double row of dots on the outside rim, palmettes on the projecting handle lugs, 17¼in (43.8cm) high, repaired with some restoration


  • Provenance:
    Ex French private collection of Mr J-F. C., Côte d'Or, Burgundy France. Accompanied by a French passport.

    For a similar column-krater in Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, no.947, attributed to the Leningrad Painter by Beazley, cf. J.D. Beazley, Attic Red Figure Vase-Painters, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1963), 567.10; Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum 2, 28, pl.(91) 91.1-2. For a discussion of banquets and Komos scenes, cf. F. Lissarague, Un flot d'images, une aesthetique du banquet grec, (Paris, 1987), pp. 23-48.