An Attic black-figure stamnos
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An Attic black-figure stamnos
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An Attic black-figure stamnos An Attic black-figure stamnos
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An Attic black-figure stamnos
Attributed to the Michigan Painter, circa late 6th Century B.C.
The decoration enhanced with added white paint and incision, composed of figural scenes in two registers, the ovoid body tapering in towards the foot, the main scene showing chariot racing involving three quadrigae commanded by three bearded charioteers wearing chitons, racing to the right, one side with a single quadriga, the charioteer holding the reins and a long whip, a white dog with a black collar runs along at their hooves, the other side with two quadrigae, one pursuing the other, a turning post with a white-painted base dividing the scenes beneath the two up-turned handles, the shoulder decorated with a symposiac scene of six reclining draped figures, alternating male and female, the men bearded and wearing himatia with bare chests, the women with their faces and arms painted white and wearing chitons under their himatia, a dog chewing on a hoofed bone standing above one of the handles, sashes or wineskins in the field, with an everted black rounded rim and flared black foot, 7½in (18.8cm) high, repaired with some restoration


  • Provenance:
    Acquired at a German auction, Kunstwerke der Antike, Münzen und Medaillen A.G., Basel, Auktion 70, November 14th, 1986, lot 203. Formerly ex Ferrucio Bolla Collection, Lugano, 1960s.

    Stamnoi, J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, 1980.

    C. Isler-Kerényi, Stamnoi, (Lugano, 1977), pp.18-23.
    C. Isler-Kerényi, in J. Frel, Stamnoi, An Exhibition at the J. P. Getty Museum, (Malibu, 1980), no. 4.

    This stamnos has been attributed by Barbara Philippaki to the Michigan Painter. The most prolific painter of such Miniature Type A stamnoi, he frequently painted scenes of athletics and symposia. For a very similar stamnos in Würzburg, also by the Michigan Painter, cf. E. Langlotz, Griechische Vasen in Würzburg, (Munich, 1932), pl.99. This example also depicts a symposiac scene on the upper register and a race of quadrigae on the lower. Another stamnos by this painter in Oxford, shows a similar symposiac scene but instead of the chariot race, it shows a foot race around the body. Cf. B. Philippaki, The Attic Stamnos, (Oxford, 1967).
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