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KEITH (ELMER); Keith-An Autobiography, d.w., New York, 1976; Hell I Was There, d.w., Los Angeles, 1979 - BELL (W.D.M.): The Wanderings Of An Elephant Hunter, d.w., London, 1958 - Bell Of Africa, d.w., London, 1960 - ENDERBY BLUNT (Cdr. DAVID): Elephant, d.w., London, n.d. - DOUGLAS-HAMILTON (IAIN & ORIA): Among The Elephants, d.w., London, 1975 - BEARD (ROSS E. JR): Carbine - The Story Of David Marshall Williams, d.w., Williamstown, 1977 - McCALLUM (IAIN): Blood Brothers: Hiram and Hudson Maxim - Pioneers Of Modern Warfare, d.w., London, 1999 - ALLFREY (ANTHONY): Man Of Arms: The Life And Legend Of Sir Basil Zaharoff, d.w., London, 1989 - MOTTELAY (P. FLEURY): The Life And Work Of Sir Hiram Maxim, review copy, London, 1920 - MICHAEL (GEORGE): African Fury, d.w., London, 1954 - EBELL (MAR): Wilhelm Mauser - Ein Deutsche Erfinder, d.w., Munich, 1921 - McBRIDE (H.W.): A Rifleman Went To War, d.w., Plantersville, n.d. - DUNLAP (ROY F.): Ordnance Went Up Front, d.w., Plantersville, 1948 - plus 20 Dutch hunting memoirs (34)
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