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Autograph letter signed ("A Tennyson"), to Dean Stanley, concerning a muddle over sending a book to Queen Victoria ("...There is no doubt that I sent Her Majesty a copy of my 'Queen Mary.' I have the Publisher's Bill for binding it expressly for the Queen, & your own letter somewhere with Her Majesty's thanks; but I am much honoured by H. M.y's wishing for another copy, & I send you by this post one of the Tauchnitz edition which I do not think She has yet seen. I would have it bound, but the binding takes so long a time that I fear H. Majesty might think me remiss if the book were delayed in transmission..."), one page, integral blank, minor creasing, 8vo, Farringford, 21 January 1877


  • TENNYSON AND QUEEN VICTORIA: Tennyson had been Poet Laureate since 1850, appointed to the post largely because of Albert's liking for In Memoriam, and it was to In Memoriam that Victoria turned for comfort after Albert's death. On Tennyson's own death in 1892, the Queen was to write in her diary: "He was a great poet, and his ideas were ever grand, noble, elevating. He was very loyal and always very kind and sympathising to me, quite remarkably so". Queen Mary was published in June 1875 and was the first of a series of plays written in his last decades. It was greatly admired by Browning, who called it "astonishingly fine", as well as by G.H. Lewis and George Eliot (see their letters to Tennyson, Sotheby's, 22 July 1980, lots 345 and 402); a judgment with which neither their contemporaries nor posterity have generally concurred.
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