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Two autograph letters signed ("C.S. Lewis") and a postcard signed ("C.S.L."), to C. T[albot] D'Alessandro, discussing the origin of the name 'Narnia' ("...About Narnia - yes it's a pity about the Umbrian town, wh. I had quite forgotten when I invented my country. The -IA is merely terminal as in Italia or Armenia. As for Narn, I always thought Lat. inane one of the loveliest words (purely on phonetic grounds, nothing to do with vacuity) and you couldn't get English people to pronounce it as I wanted unless you put in an R. The Nornir are old friends of mine..."); and discussing transition states in the context of Alice ("...Of course I remember the children & the whole scene at Little Karoo - alas, alas! That moment of the transition between the two planes is what fascinates me more than anything else. I always thought Alice's passage thro' the looking glass was far too serious...to usher in a merely comic sequel..."); in one letter Lewis fails to make sense of his correspondent's signature ("...Now who are you? The signature looks like TITBIT D'ALENÇON but that seems improbable..."); with one autograph envelope, the card with autograph address, together with a draft reply, 3 pages, some minor creasing etc., 8vo, Magdalen, 28 June 1954, 2 and 7 February 1955


  • C.S. LEWIS ON NARNIA, the nature of Alice's looking-glass transition, and a comic misunderstanding. For Tolkien presentation copies to C. Talbot D'Alessandro, see below.
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