Marcos Grigorian (Iran, 1925-2007) Dry Farm from the Earth Works series
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Marcos Grigorian (Iran, 1925-2007) Dry Farm
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Marcos Grigorian (Iran, 1925-2007)
Dry Farm
mud and resin on board, inscribed with artist's name and date on reverse
80.5 x 80 cm.


  • This work was executed in 1977 and is from the 'Earthwork Series'.

    Marco Grigorian's Earthworks can be interpreted as esoteric symbols of the essential unity of the universe. His works are reassuring as they combine heaven and earth with spirit and matter. The symbols of life and earth are portrayed through the emergence of life, and its soil with golden straw. These elements are the first step in creation, as spirit and matter become one. Through the use of the square and the circle, the artist explores the use of sacred geometry. The sacred four represent a combination of three elements: will, love and active intelligence, whilst the square is symbolic of the earth.
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