Farhad Moshiri (Iran, b. 1963) Angel
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Farhad Moshiri (Iran, b. 1963) Angel
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Farhad Moshiri (Iran, b. 1963)
Swarovski crystals and vitriol oil on canvas mounted on board, signed in English and Farsi and dated 2008 on reverse
180 x 180 x 7 cm.


  • In this striking work Farhad Moshiri harks back to his earlier series entitled 'Angel' which he produced in the mid-1990s. This depiction heralds a new chapter in the career of Moshiri, as his reworking of previous inspirations in this new and contemporary medium shows the psychological and artistic development of the artist.

    Moshiri seems to be drawn by their aesthetic beauty and universal symbolic meaning. As with many other of Moshiri's works he combines elements of Eastern and Western cultures to create a depiction laden with visual imagery and nuance. In this work, rather than contrasting the two cultures, Moshiri depicts an image common to both societies: the angel as a protective force acting as a messenger from God.

    The crown of the depicted figure bears a likeness to those found on the coinage and figures featured on silver-gilt wares of the Sassanid Empire. This examplifies Moshiri's deep affection for the history of his native Iran, depicted in an entirely contemporary medium.

    The bold lines of this piece engage the viewer instantly, and the ruby red highlights stand in stark contrast to the brilliant white of the crystal background to produce a visually arresting and contemplative work.

    Moshiri himself commented that it was the depiction of the figure itself in purely visual terms that was the main inspiration for this piece, without there necessarily being wider symbolism to the work.
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