Faramarz Pilaram (Iran, b.1937) Untitled
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Faramarz Pilaram (Iranian, 1937-1982) Untitled
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(n/a) Faramarz Pilaram (Iranian, 1937-1982)
Untitled oil and gold leaf on canvas, signed and dated '74 and inscribed 'Tehran' lower left, framed 100 x 300cm


  • Provenance:
    Private US collection, acquired in Los Angeles in 1983.

    Faramarz Pilaram was amongst the pioneers of the Saqqakhaneh school of the 1960s. Like his contemporaries, Pilaram focused on art that would reflect on the Iranian tradition. He became fascinated by the rhythm and form of Persian and Islamic calligraphy and began producing most of his work with a free interpretation of these forms. Inspired by seals, the artist's early works incorporated geometric compositions. As his artistic career progressed, he often produced curvilinear rhythmical calligraphic works and adapted these geometric forms in order to create a three dimensional feel.

    His emphasis on bright colours and his boldness in altering the fundamentals of traditional Persian calligraphy is a key aspect of his art, evident in this work. This expressionist calligraphic painting with free-hand forms derived from nasta'liq script executed on this large scale is one of the most stunning works by this artist.
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