1904 Laurin & Klement Model CCR
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1904 Laurin & Klement Model CCR
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1904 Laurin & Klement Model CCR
Engine no. 2883
‘The Slavia was built in the Austro-Hungarian Empire by the Czech Laurin & Klement factory. The name Slavia was also used by the Laurin & Klement machines built under licence in Germany.’ - Erwin Tragatsch. Founded by two cycling enthusiasts, mechanic Vaclav Laurin and bookseller Vaclav Klement, Laurin & Klement produced its first bicycle at the Mlada Boleslav factory in 1895, choosing the patriotic ‘Slavia’ (Slavonic) trade name. The company built its first motorcycle in 1899, going on to become one of Europe’s leading motorcycle manufacturers in the pioneering early years of the 20th Century. Like many of its contemporaries, Laurin & Klement experimented with variety of engine positions before settling on what is today regarded as the conventional one. The engines too varied considerably in configuration, singles, v-twins and even inline fours being made. Production of bicycles ceased in 1905 at around the same time as the introduction of the new four-cylinder motorcycle and the appearance of the firm’s first automobile: the twin-cylinder Model A voiturette. Laurin & Klement switched to car production exclusively in 1908 - thus ensuring its two-wheeled products’ future rarity - and was bought by rival Skoda in 1925. Professor Ehn purchased this wonderful Laurin & Klement v-twin in Vienna in 1969 from the daughter of the original owner, who had bought it new in 1904. Incomplete at that time, the machine was restored in the Rossi workshops in 1972 and has been loaned to numerous exhibitions since then. This rare European ‘Pioneer’ is offered with bill of sale.

Saleroom notices

  • This machine carries engine no. 2883 and not as stated in the catalogue. It is also offered with the remnants of it's sidecar, including the bear chassis, wheel and mudgaurd.