1970 BMW 599cc R60/5
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1970 BMW 599cc R60/5
£2,500 - 3,000
US$ 4,200 - 5,000
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1970 BMW 599cc R60/5
Frame no. 2932004
Engine no. 2932004
The long-awaited replacements for BMW’s long-running Earles-forked flat twins finally arrived in 1969. As well as a telescopic, leading-axle front fork, the newcomers featured a lightweight, welded, duplex frame, innovations first seen on the Bavarian company’s ISDT machines. The engine too had come in for revision, now employing a one-piece forged crankshaft and aluminium-alloy cylinder barrels while carrying its camshaft below the crank. Coil ignition and 12-volt electrics were other new departures for the Munich firm. The new ‘/5’ models came in three capacities, the variation being achieved by different bore sizes in what were otherwise virtually identical machines. The R60/5 produced a claimed 46bhp, which was good enough to propel the 419lbs machine to a top speed of 103mph. BMW’s have traditionally been favoured by official bodies in Continental Europe, and this original example saw service with both police and fire brigade before being acquired by Professor Ehn, its third owner, in 1989. The machine was used regularly on the road until circa 2006 and routinely maintained, valve adjustment and overhauling the carburettors being among the tasks carried out. Offered with original Austrian Typenschein and bill of sale.