Suad Al-Attar (Iraq, b. 1942) Garden
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Suad Al-Attar (Iraq, b. 1942) Garden of Eden
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Suad Al-Attar (Iraq, b. 1942)
Garden of Eden
oil on canvas, inscribed on the reverse with the title and London 1993, framed
183 x 153 cm.


  • "Above the palm tree high,
    is it light of her face I see,
    or is it the moon - how can I know?
    You are as fine as the palm tree high,
    But, alas, not for me is one so high and fine,
    One who salaams and passes me by".

    -From an old Baghdadi song

    This painting, Garden of Eden, was Suad al-Attar's last major work on the important chapter of her theme of inspiration from gardens of paradise, birds, flowers, palm trees, orange trees and peacocks. In these paintings, Suad has created an alternative world in the fabric of dreams where souls could escape to. They looks back to the tradition of the Baghdadi School of Art and the works of the 13th Century artist, Al-Wasiti, whose works were such an influence on Jewad Selim.

    For further reference, see Suad Al-Attar, Madad Foundation, London, 2004.
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