Russet jade mountain carving
Lot 207
A fine white and russet jade boulder Qianlong
HK$ 400,000 - 600,000
US$ 52,000 - 77,000
Lot Details
A fine white and russet jade boulder
Retaining the outline of a large pebble, the stone worked in shallow relief with the scene of Laozi heading west through the Hangu pass on his ox, Yin Xi the official-in-charge of the pass waiting to see him off, the reverse with a scene of a crane and a deer in a rocky landscape, the russet skin cleverly incorporated into the design to highlight the rugged landscape, wood stand. 18cm (7in) long. (2).


  • Provenance:
    An English family collection of fine jade carvings

    A jade boulder from a private collection with the same subject matter is illustrated by Ip Yee in Chinese Jade Carving, Hong Kong, 1983, no. 238, pp. 226-227.

    Laozi is identified by the historian Sima Qian as a 6th century BC curator of the imperial Chinese archives, who is also venerated as the founder of Daoism and the author of the Daodejing. According to legend, Laozi was so distressed at the decline of the Zhou dynasty that he decided to leave the country and head westwards on his ox. At the border, while going through the Hangu Pass, Laozi encountered Yin Xi, the official in charge. Yin Xi recognized Laozi as a sage, and requested Laozi to leave a few words of wisdom before leaving. The words that Laozi left came to be known as the Daodejing.

    清乾隆 白玉帶皮老子過關山子

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