Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley: Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station,
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Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley: Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station,
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Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley: Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station,
mixed media on board, signed, with custom framing by Kelley, together with the 1997 triple CD album of the same name, image 28 x 42in (48½ x 60½in incl. frame)


  • This is original artwork for the Grateful Dead's 'Terrapin Station' concept. This was an ambitious project, ultimately unrealized, to open a venue at the turn of the Millennium to be used as a concert hall, multi-media center/museum for the band and to house other related events such as displays for the various charities the Grateful Dead supported over the years. The band's 1997 'Terrapin Station' CD release was an initial part of the fund-raising and this artwork, a significantly updated version of the image used on the band's 1977 album of the same name, was reworked for use on the 1997 release. The original album cover depicted a small station, reminiscent of those that came with miniature train sets by US makers such as Lionel; the 1990s' version features a monumental station, such as those built in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

    The turtle images used by Mouse and Kelley on the 1977 album were influenced by those of German artist Heinrich Kley and these had previously featured on Wes Wilson's poster design for the Turtles' concert at the Fillmore in July 1966.

    The Terrapin Station project was detailed in an article in 'The Music Box', March 1998, by John Metzger, where it was described as ' interactive museum, sensory playground and social/cultural laboratory...' The 1997 CD, a high quality live recording of a complete, uncut show at the Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland, 15th March 1990 (bassist Phil Lesh's 50th birthday) is described as having 'beautiful artwork' and a 'fold-out poster from Mouse and Kelley, creators of the original 1977 Terrapin Station cover, is tucked away inside the package.' (
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