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Illustrated autograph letter signed ("Jack B Yeats"), to J.C. Miles, describing his recent visit to Ireland ("...Were in Galway for 6 weeks/ not 'in the Month of March Speechless crying for water' as the old sailors used to say/ but during July & August. Had a good time plenty of bathing in a lake. Also sailing on boats with home made sails with pictures onto them...") and other sporting activities, including duck-shooting and cock-fighting ("...I saw 'a spar' with gloves on between two game cocks when in Ireland in the Spring - but not a fight. There was a famous cock in Sligo the Ragman and when he died the owner used when 'tight' to run along the road crying May the Lord have mercy on the Ragman's Sowl..."); he also sends a stencil of Jem Mace, 4 pages, 8vo, first page black-bordered [in mourning for his mother], "Cashlauna Shelmiddy" [i.e., Irish translation of Snails Castle], 3 October 1900


  • ILLUSTRATED WITH A SKETCH OF JACK AND HIS BROTHER W.B., IN A SAILING-RACE WITH ROBERT GREGORY ON THE LAKE AT COOLE PARK: showing the Yeats brothers in their boat, Jack wearing a wide-brimmed hat with a pipe jutting out of his mouth, WB with a somewhat Holmesian expression, looking backwards to their pursuer, their boat's square sail painted by Jack with a seal rising out of water alongside the legend "Seala Gurrah" and marked by Jack "My Sail" ahead of another boat, manned by two figures (presumably Lady Gregory's son, Robert [WB's 'Irish Airman'], and either his cousin Richard or his tutor Arnold Harvey), their sail painted by Robert with three flying ducks alongside the legend "Laka Fea", marked by Jack "T'Other Chap" (see Pyle, p.57, where however the crews are assigned to the wrong boats "Sometimes there were races on the lake, Robert and Harvey and Richard Gregory, a cousin, in a boat with square sails decorated by Robert, and WB and Jack in a vessel surmounted by the emblem of the duck").

    The letter is headed with an inkblot drawing of the snail-tower.
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