SCHLAGINTWEIT (HERMANN, ADOLF and ROBERT) Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia und
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SCHLAGINTWEIT (HERMANN, ADOLF and ROBERT) Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia undertaken between the years MDCCCLIV and MDCCCLVIII by Order of the Court of Directors of the Honourable East India Company, Atlas in 4 vol:
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  • A complete set of this highly-prized large-format colour plate book. We have traced no copy, complete with the text volumes, at auction for at least 30 years.

    In 1854 the Schlagintweit brothers (on the recommendation of Alexander von Humboldt) were engaged by the East India Company to carry out scientific investigations within and beyond its territory, particularly in relation to terrestrial magnetism. The brothers landed in Bombay and crossed the Madras by different routes, before turning north. Hermann and Robert returned to Europe in 1857, while Adolf went to Chinese Turkestan. He was beheaded at Kashgar by the amir Wali Khan.

    The plates are after watercolours by Hermann, and to a lesser extent Adolf, Schlagintweit, lithographed by C.Koch, and printed in oil colours by Storch & Kramer or W. Loeillot at Berlin, or Sabatier and Lemercier in Paris. These include: Gaurisankar, or Mount Everest in the Himalaya of Nepál (illustrated); The Summit of Kanchinjinga in the Himalaya of Sikkim; cane Suspension Bridge over Témshang river, in the Khássia Hills; Fort and Lines of Udelgúri in the province Dárrang, Assám; Interor of the Buddhistic temple of the monastery Mángnang, in Gnári Khórsum (illustrated); The Salt Lake Kiúk Kiöl, in the Karakásh valley, Turkistan; Palm grove and Singhalése habitations near Gálle, Ceylon; The Buddhist monastery Hímis, near Leh, in Ladák; The Valley of the Yarkand river downwards from Déra Búllu, in Turkistan; The Summit of Parisnáth, in Bahár; Central Assám and the Brahmapútra jungles, from Ógri Hill near Tézpur; The Ganges near Pátna, Western Bengál; The Salt Lake Tsomognalarí in Pangkong, Western Tibet (illustrated); The Chain of the Kuenlúen from Súmgal, in Turkistan.

    The text volumes comprise: Vol.1 Astronomical Determinations of Latitudes and Longitudes and Magnetic Observations, 1861; Vol.2 General Hypsometry of India, the Hímalaya, and Western Tíbet, with sections across the Chains of the Karakorum and Keünleün, 2 engraved tables (one folding), map, 1862; Vol.3 Route-Book of the Western Parts of the Hímalaya, Tíbet, and Central Asia: and Geographical Glossary from the Languages of India and Tíbet, including the phonetic transcription and interpretation, 1863; Vol.4 Meteorology of India, an Analysis of the Physical Conditions of India, the Hímalaya, Western Tíbet, and Turkistan ...based upon observations made by Messrs. de Schlagintweit ...and increased by numerous additions chiefly obtained from the officers of the medical departments by H. de Schlagintweit-Sakünlünski, 1866. Authorship is ascribed to all three brothers except for Vol. 2 (Robert) and Vol. 4 (Hermann, who added Sakünlünski to his name in commemoration of the first crossing of the Kunlun.

    Provenance: Charles Jenner of Easter Duddingston Lodge, Edinburgh (co-founder of the Princes Street store), inscriptions in text volumes dated 1891; Albert Schlagintweit, and by descent.
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