HERBAL, MANUSCRIPT Catalogus plantarum, a manuscript herbal
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HERBAL, MANUSCRIPT Catalogus plantarum, a manuscript herbal
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Catalogus plantarum, a manuscript herbal, 190 full-page watercolours (some mis-pagination, but believed complete), the majority with English and Latin names supplied by the artist (with some corrections), many with further captions in an educated eighteenth-century hand, and still more with further updating of both Common and Latin names by a small and neat professional nineteenth-century hand, 2 pages of contemporary manuscript index at end (slight loss at fore-edges), some offsetting, a few leaves with light blindstamps, old library cloth, folio (320 x 200mm.), [England, first quarter eighteenth century]


  • The majority of the watercolours have the Common or English name at the foot and the Latin one at head. Usually each of these is with a double-rule border, often filled with a yellow ground. Plants depicted include: Saracens Birthwort, Master Wort, Aloway St. Kits, Wilde red campian, Garden Scurvigrasse, Sheeps sorrell, Sweet Garden flagge, Danes Betony, Black Briony, Great Orentall Blew-bottel, Dogges Mercury, Inchanters Nightshade, Fleabane, Coffe tree, yallow Ladies Bedstraw, Selfe heale common, Virginian wake robin, Indian Figg, Sun flower Great, Knotted Dogs Grasse, Lawrel of Alexander, Garden White Hellebore, Pease everlasting, Red Beete, Marsh mallow, Tabacco, Monkshood, Pellitory of the Wall, Cork tree, Monkes Rubarbe, Thorne of Bethlehem, as well as common flowers including the rose, daffodil, primrose, iris, foxglove, poppy, crocus etc.

    The volume has the appearance of being the work of a country herbalist. The captions have caused difficulty and contain mistakes, some of which the writer noted and corrected. He or she was completely floored at the point in the Index when 100 was reached, and faced with a choice for the next number between 101 and 1001, chose the wrong route.
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