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"Log Book of the Deerhound R.Y.S. Sir Geo: Stucley Bart" kept by the Captain J. Sumpter Mitchell, on a voyage from Cowes to the Mediterranean and back, commencing 21 October 1869 and ending 6 February 1870, nearly 90 pages, card boards, printed label on upper cover, some browning and other traces of wear, 4to, 1869-1870


  • THE SHIP THAT RESCUED THE CREW OF THE 'ALABAMA' AT THE OPENING OF THE SUEZ CANAL: the steam yacht Deerhound had been built at the same John Laird Birkenhead shipyard as the Confederate raider the Alabama, and was present at the celebrated engagement between her and the USS Kearsarge off Cherbourg in 1864, rescuing 41 members of the Alabama's crew including her captain. Her owner, the Confederate sympathiser John Lancaster, afterwards sold her to Sir George Stucley. In 1869 the Deerhound took Sir Stafford Northcote to the opening of the Suez Canal, being the first British steam vessel to enter the canal. This is the voyage recorded in the present log (Sir Stafford, ironically, was later part of the British delegation to Washington negotiating the Alabama claims, eventually settled for $15,500,000): "Wednesday 17th November 1869. 7. AM Steam ready & waiting for orders at 10.30 Steamed ahead and shifted berth. 11. Recd orders to proceed in the procession as No 18 out of 64 vessels. Noon entered the Canal between two Obelisks steaming dead slow. 1. Went on half speed. 2. Full speed, 6.45. Two French men of war grounded, backed astern full speed - Ship behind showing an inclination to pass, put the helm to starbd and turned astern athwart him. Ship in front giving us room to pass went ahead full speed. 7.30. On coming up to the entrance of Lake Timseh found three ships ashore, trying to pass the Falcan got ashore, at which they seemed highly delighted, but astern full speed & got off, lowered away the Cutter & steered close to him at 1/2 speed all right. Found the Fair way into the Lake lighted up and easy of access. Unfortunately mistook the Red Light ahead which proved to be in the sand the turning point & got into shoal water. After two or three attempts canted round and got into 4 and 41/4 fm. Steam Launch then came and piloted us to our mooring. Made fast to No.17 Buoy. Every convenience, small piece of mooring chain attached to make fast with. Grand illumination as before. Midnight. Calm and fine clear weather". According to the log, the Deerhound set off for Ismalia at 6.45 am on 26 November and arrived at Port Said at 12.45 pm on the 28th.
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