BOOKPLATES A later volume of bookplates compiled by Henry Peckitt
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BOOKPLATES A later volume of bookplates compiled by Henry Peckitt
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A later volume of bookplates compiled by Henry Peckitt, containing approximately 230 bookplates of various sizes and periods, Franks references pencilled below, 2 albumen prints, and 2 ink designs for bookplates, contemporary purple morocco gilt, worn, 4to, c.1880


  • Probably the last volume of bookplates compiled by Henry Peckitt, or perhaps one of his sons after his death. As well as two small albumen prints of pictorial titles, the album includes: Henry Peckitt; Jacobean for John Duke of Bedford 1736; mantle spade shield for Lord Eliock; Jacobean for John Ludford Esq.; Chippendale for William Wilberforce; eared shield for Samuel Courtauld; several for members of the Rylands family; Jacobean for John Dupré; pictorial armorial for Reverend John Lloyd 1734 by Bickham; several by Harry Soane (who produced the titles for the collection above); oval spade shield for Marmaduke Theakston; early armorial for Henry Duke of Kent (2, 1713 and 1733); anonymous for the Duke of Sussex; Thomas William Carson by Leighton; pictorial cypher for H.S. Ashbee by Chauver; hand-coloured oval armorial for Havelock by G. Hardcastle for T. Robson; Major Alfred Edward Lawson Lowe (of Shirenewton Hall, Monmouthshire, and Castle Hedingham, Essex, to whom the album is believed to have passed from Peckitt); two designs, one seemingly for a member of the Lowe family.
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