BOOKPLATES 'Rare, Curious and Choice Book Plates Selected and Arranged by H[enry] P[eckitt]', 5 vol.
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BOOKPLATES PECKITT (HENRY, collector) 'Rare, Curious and Choice Book Plates Selected and Arranged by H[enry] P[eckitt]', 5 vol. plus index
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PECKITT (HENRY, collector) 'Rare, Curious and Choice Book Plates Selected and Arranged by H[enry] P[eckitt]', 5 vol. plus index, approximately 4500 bookplates of various sizes and periods, each of the main volumes with manuscript heraldic titles in ink, wash and gilt by Harry Soane (one signed and dated 1878), autograph letter loosely inserted (see below), half morocco by Potter and Sons of York, defective, folio, [c.1875-1880]


  • A FINE NINETEENTH CENTURY COLLECTION OF BOOKPLATES, assembled by Henry Peckitt (1801-1884) of Carlton Husthwaite, Yorkshire. Some of his papers are in the Charles Hall Crouch Collection at the Society of Antiquaries, including copies of his own bookplates, letters from Peckitt relating to bookplate collecting, and photographs of the title pages of volumes 1-4 of the present collection. The title page of volume 5 allows attribution of all five designs to Harry Soane, who also produced a wood-engraved monogram plate for Henry Peckitt’s son Charles (number 24383 in the Franks Collection).

    Loosely inserted into one of the present volumes is a letter from James Coleman, Heraldic and Genealogical Bookseller, to Henry Peckitt, dated 17 March 1879, reporting that he is unwell but that his new catalogue appearing the next week will make him feel better. As well as purchasing bookplates from dealers, Peckitt also took out an advert in the Newcastle Weekly Chronicle in 1878, reporting that he had just commenced a fifth folio volume of his bookplate collection, and wished "to procure more plates to carry forward the work" (John Blatchly, 'Henry Peckitt: an Early Collector', The Bookplate Journal, September 2000, pp.102-109).

    Includes: pictorial armorial for George Lambart by A.M. Ireland after W. Hogarth; large anonymous armorial by A.M. Ireland after W. Hogarth; Chippendale for Arthur Villettes Esqr. His Majtys. Minister to Switzerland; several bookpiles; Chippendale for John Ord Lincolns Inn 1761; pictorial armorial for Revd. Wm. Collier Professor of Hebrew in Cambridge; Jacobean for James Oldershaw; pictorial armorial for Joseph Smith British Consul at Venice; Jacobean for Charles Chauncy M.D.; Chippendale for William Wilberforce; spade shield for Walter Vavasour; armorial for Thomas Beckwith of York Painter & F.A.S.; Chippendale for Wm. Bayntun of Grays Inn; Jacobean for Francis Columbine Esqr. Colonel of Foot 1708; Jacobean for Mr Eusabius Wither; Edwd. Southwell Esqr. by F. Gardin; Jacobean for Carolus Bush apud Turrim Londin. MDCCXXXIV; early armorial for Mr. Ambrose Holbech of Mollington 1702; anonymous Bysshe; spade shield for Stansby Alchorne Tower of London; several Continental library interiors; spade shield for William Bird Hereford; thirteen rubbings of armorial bindings in the Royal Library at Windsor; transitional for Henry Stapilton Esqr. Wighill; early armorial for Sr. Thomas Littleton 1702; early armorial for Edmund Poley 1707; Chippendale for Thomas Chilcot Organist of Bath 1751; large armorial for Francis Fust; pictorial for Earl of Aylesford; early armorial for John Sayer 1700; Jacobean armorial for Ellerker Bradshaw; transitional for Marriott; pictorial for David Garrick; pictorial armorial for Sir Robt. H. Cunliffe by F. Bartolozzi; pictorial for T. Gosden by J. Scott; spade shield for William Salmond Esqr. Seaford, Antigua; armorial for Bulkeley Bandinel D.D. Bodleian Librarian; transitional for John Conduitt; Anna Damer by Francis Legat after Agnes Berry 1793; early armorial for Thomas Wentworth 1698; John Mannors 1700; Jacobean armorial for George Daunt; pictorial for H.F. Bessborough by F. Bartolozzi after G.B. Cipriani 1796; pictorial armorial for Sir John Smith by Hughes; early armorial for Francis Gwyn of Lansanor 1698.

    Engravers and designers include: J. Skinner, M. Skinner, R. Surtees, G. Barclay, A. Hays, S. Neele, Johnson, Warwick, Lake, H. Salt, B. Cole, Dolby, Darling, Pemberton, J. Vining, J. Cross, Murdoch & Son, Suffield, Lambert, Polak, Barnes & Co., J. Harwood, A. Johnston, Yates, Huntly, T. Mynde, Robson, Michell, T. Deeble, Nicholls, W. Chinnery, E. Thorogood, Ashby, Woodthorpe, Allen, Timothy Roberts, Lizars, W. Bowley, R. Mountaine, John Cleghorn, Foster, J. Archer.
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