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A rich reddish-orange color defines this beautiful stone. Zincite, as a natural mineral, occurs in only one location: Franklin, New Jersey. The present, highly collectable zincite occurred “naturally” in the vent pipes of zinc smelters in Silesia (now called Poland). Known as a secondary mineral in mineralogical terms it is a “sublimate”—referring to its process of transformation directly from the gaseous, or fire state, to the solid state without ever becoming a liquid. A by-product of the smelting process, this classic source of “man-caused yet naturally occurring” zincite is now nearly exhausted. Of particularly large size for its type, this elongated, cushion-cut stone possesses the highest transparency and luster as well as a brilliant tangerine orange color and is suitable for collector of rarities.
Weighing approximately 41.23 carats and measuring 24.0 x 12.2 x 10.0mm
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