A Luba Kasai mask
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A Luba Kasai mask
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£7,100 - 8,900
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A Luba Kasai facemask
Democratic Republic of Congo, the large mask, heavily pigmented in red with white in-fill; the face with enormous ears, bulging eyes, and arching beard beneath a large stylized coif. Pierced at either side of the nose.
height 20in


  • Provenance:
    Jay C. Leff collection

    Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg; October 1969 - January 1970

    Bascom, W. The Art of Black Africa; Collection of Jay C. Leff. fig. 287

    Although this mask has been attributed to the Songye in past publications, it probably originates from the Luba of the Kasai.
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