An Akan terracotta funerary head
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An Akan terracotta funerary head
US$ 18,000 - 22,000
£11,000 - 13,000
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Property from the collection of Lillian and Robert Bohlen
An Akan terracotta funerary head
Ghana, the delicately rendered head, of round ovoid form with sensitive brow above thin slit-eyes, small pug nose, and thin peaceful lips, invoking a sense of serenity; a raised boss to the back of the head pierced for attachment. The graceful neck formed by undulating rings. Overall, variegated cream to medium-grey patina.
height 8in


  • Provenance: Eric Robertson, New York

    As sweet and as beautiful an example as any in the literature; note the spiritual expression, enigmatic smiling visage and beautifully egg-shaped head - all the finest traits of the naturalistic style.

    Michael Kan, 2008
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