[TESLA, NIKOLA. 1856-1943.]
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[TESLA, NIKOLA. 1856-1943.]
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[TESLA, NIKOLA. 1856-1943.]
Patent issued to Nikola Tesla (signed "Nikola Tesla"), 2 sheets, printed recto and verso, New York, May 1, 1888, additionally signed by witnesses and Tesla's attorneys, lightly dust-soiled, pinned and stapled together, corners rounded and with labels pasted on.

Patent 382,281, "Electrical Transmission of Power," is one of several patents issued to Tesla on that date, and that together form a system for the conversion, transmission, and utilization of energy. The system involves a generator converting mechanical energy to electrical energy and a motor to convert back the other way to mechanical energy. Key to the system is the use of alternating current (Thomas Parke Hughes, Networks of Power: Electrification in Western Society, 1880-1930, 1983).

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  • Please note this is not signed by Tesla as stated in the catalog; the signature is in the hand of Tesla's attorneys.
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