Fine Molded Dingyao Ewer and Basin
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Fine Molded Dingyao Ewer and Basin
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A fine molded Dingyao ewer and basin
Song Dynasty
The ewer of octagonal section with raised ribs outlining its shoulder and the various sections of the body, a reeded strap handle opposing a curved spout molded as a dragon head and a seated lion dog forming the finial to the conforming cover, the lustrous ivory glaze unevenly applied leaving some surfaces as well as the foot pad and recessed base unglazed (chips); the basin molded into nine lobes with a conforming foliate rim and deep well tapering inward above the ring foot, the lustrous ivory glaze covering most of the interior and the exterior, leaving an unglazed ring around the floor of the well.
8 3/8 and 4 3/4in (21 and 9.5cm) high