Mars Cube — The First Interplanetary Collectible [#0001]
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Mars Cube — The First Interplanetary Collectible [#0001]
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Mars Cube — The First Interplanetary Collectible [#0001]
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Mars Cube — The First Interplanetary Collectible [#0001]
Zagami SNC (Mars Rock)
Zagami Rock, Nigeria

“Planet Mars: The Collector’s Cube” was the first interplanetary collectible. This 12,000-unit limited edition was launched on QVC in 1997 by Darryl Pitt. Particles of Mars are housed in a clear glass vial suspended in a Lucite cube. “Planet Mars” comes accompanied with a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity and a comprehensive twenty-page “Mars Owner’s Manual.” The vial contains 1/10 carat of pharmaceutically milled particles of the Zagami Martian meteorite.

On October 3, 1962, a farmer in Zagami, Nigeria was nearly struck by a 40-pound meteorite as it plummeted towards Earth. Pointing to a planetary origin, the specimen had an unusually young crystallization age, contained water-bearing minerals, and evidenced a planetary-sized gravitational field on its crystalline structure. It would take 33 years for the full story of this meteorite to be told. In 1995 The New York Times and Science magazine reported that gas trapped in tiny bubbles within the Zagami matrix matched the composition of the Martian atmosphere (as determined by the Viking lander in 1976), thus removing all doubt of its origin. Zagami is one of only four witnessed falls of Martian meteorites, most likely catapulted into space when a large asteroid slammed into Mars. The Certificate of Authenticity accompanying this lot is #0001, which makes this the very first interplanetary collectible.
Lucite cube: 65mm (2.5 in) Meteorite: 1/10 carat


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