Dhofar 908 — Unusual Sample of the Moon
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Dhofar 908 — Unusual Sample of the Moon
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Dhofar 908 — Unusual Sample of the Moon
Lunar (impact melt breccia)
Dhofar, Oman

This beautiful lunar meteorite was found in the Dhofar region of Southern Oman in January 2003 and is paired (its composition is identical to other meteorites found in the same area) with several other meteorites. It must be noted that every lunar (or Martian) meteorite shower has resulted in a tiny amount of material (see Lunar Meteorite Introduction). In the case of Dhofar 908, the dozens of tiny stones with which it is associated, have a combined total weight of less than two pounds. Some of these stones contain one or two different lithologies (the manifest character of a rock such as its color, texture, composition, etc.). Dhofar 908, however, consists of three different lithologies which connect it to the other small lunar samples found in the area.

Cosmic radiation studies have determined that Dhofar 908 originated from a depth of more than six meters below the lunar surface before being blasted into space, and that it has been on Earth’s surface for approximately 300,000 years. The white clasts seen here are anorthositic (plagioclase feldspar-rich), as are the clasts in the folowing lot. The hundreds of thousands of years this meteorite spent on Earth’s surface has resulted in it being “weathered” or terrestrialized; the colorful natural tinting seen here is primarily from iron-bearing minerals in the environment in which the meteorite was found. The scientific abstract on Dhofar 908 appeared in the Meteoritical Bulletin and accompanies this specimen. This is a select sample of the Moon brewed on Earth.
32 x 22 x 2mm (1.25 x 0.75 x 0.08in) and 3.047 grams