(n/a) Tzen (b.China 1944) Temple 122 x 152.5 cm. (48 x 60 in.)
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(n/a) Tzen
(b.China 1944)
Temple 122 x 152.5 cm. (48 x 60 in.)
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(n/a) Tzen (b.China 1944)
signed (recto), also signed and titled in English and Pinyin and dated 2002(verso)
oil on canvas
122 x 152.5 cm. (48 x 60 in.)


  • Exhibited:
    Southwest Minnesota Sate University Art Museum, 1/11/2006 - 30/11/06

    Exhibition Catalogue, Professor Edward Evans, Museum Director, Southwest Minnesota State University Art Museum, illus. pp. 5 & 7.

    All Tzen's paintings reflect peoples' idiosyncratic psychology in post-modern society. There is an essential difference between Tzen's paintings and the Oedipus complex. In his paintings, no one is the protagonist of the post modern world but everyone is the protagonist of his own world; the uncertainty of the present world does not always produce antagonism between the true self and its social collective, constructive, constructed conditioned one. Some people take to be reality what they take to comprise both the world and themselves. In Temple, not only the cultural boundaries become blurred and flexible, but also (on the same lines of Nietzsche's declaration of the Death of God called forth a transvaluation of values and new conceptions of the human subject followed by Foucault's, Derrida's, Lacan's and Hillman's declaration of the Death of the Subject) Tzen asserted his idea of 'God is the Subject Him/Herself'.