A Songye community power figure
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A Songye community power figure
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A Songye community power figure
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A fine Songye community power figure
Democratic Republic of Congo, of monumental form, with rounded head, metal appliqués to the face and large brass inset eyes. Remains of original hide coif attached to the head, falling gently down the back of the neck. Bands of reptile skin filled with magical materials about the neck, chest, and waist, with a large iron blade protruding from the abdomen. Fine resinous surface to the waist, desiccated legs and feet indicating an extended period of time during which the figure wore a traditional fiber skirt.
height 26 1/2in


  • Provenance:
    Jo Christiaens
    Galerie Alain Lecomte

    This stunning example probably originates from the Central Songye region and served as a protective image for an entire village or clan unit.
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