A Yoruba staff
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A Yoruba staff
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A Yoruba staff
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A Yoruba staff
Nigeria, the exceptional and finely carved staff, probably for Eshu, depicting two musicians and two devotees with remains of encrusted material over the extremely aged surface.
height 47 1/2in


  • Provenance:
    Estate of Lou Deadmore

    The carving style of this staff certainly places it in the Ekiti region, and though at first glance may lead one to believe that it was carved by Bamgboye, stylistically, it appears to be more related to one of the few known and rare carvings by Bamgboshe of Osi Ilurin, as seen in Fagg & Pemberton (1982-plate 59). Bamgboshe was one of the original teachers of Areogun.
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