Wu Shuzhen (Wu Shu-chen, b.1938) Couplet of calligraphy
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Wu Shuzhen (Wu Shu-chen, b.1938) Couplet of calligraphy
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Wu Shuzhen (Wu Shu-chen, b.1938)
Couplet of calligraphy
Each framed and glazed, ink on paper, the left signed Wu Shuzhen, with two artist's seals, dated 1977, the text translated as "Good calligraphy contains the essence and power of mountains and rivers [beauty of nature]. Fine brush writing expresses the spirit and eternity of the sun and moon [greatness of the universe]" (staining).
60 x 19in (152 x 48cm) each


  • Wu Shu-chen was born in Suzhou, China, and grew up in Guandong province. Her father Fu-Ting Wu (Wu Yueh) was the late former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Guandong province. She started practicing calligraphy when she was five. She left China in 1950 for Hong Kong, and became the most accomplished protege of Professor Ching-Hong Chen and Kung-Fu Woo, well known calligraphers, literati and painters. Later a student at Hong Kong University and Columbia University, she moved to America, settling in San Francisco. Her calligraphy hangs in the Asia Art Museum of San Francisco, and in museums across the United States. This couplet was composed for the exhibition, "Traces of the Brush: Studies in Chinese Calligraphy" held at the Berkeley Art Museum, with later venues in Hong Kong and New York.

    Exhibited: UC Berkeley Museum, 1977
    Published: Richard Li, Chinese Calligraphy, 2007