Twenty-one iron tsuba
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Twenty-one iron tsuba
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Lot Details
Twenty-one iron tsuba
Including one brass inlaid 'old tsuba,' circa 1500 (reduced, oxidation); one 17th century Hoan style with fan design (patina lost, plugged); one 17th century Umetada Hizen school with incised dragons (patina lost/altered); one armature's mokko form inakamono with incised clouds, circa 1600; one Shoami of Kyoto with incised geometric patterning, circa 1600 (re-patinated); two Shoami school, one circa 1700 with inlaid and openwork bean plant design, the other circa 1800 with water plants and inscribed Shoami (patina lost on both); one 17th century Hizen style with phoenix design and fukurin (patina lost); four Saga Kaneie style, one circa 1700 with landscape decoration, one circa 1700 with design of a rabbit (reduced, patina lost/altered), one circa 1800 with an abumi by a stream (patina lost/altered), and one circa 1800 featuring a goose flying over a stream (patina lost/altered); one late 18th century Sosho school style with fishing net pattern; two circa 1800 Mito style, one with inlaid tiger (patina lost), the other with dragons; one Mito Hagiya school with rabbit and waves, circa 1800; one Mito Shoami style with basket weave design and gold inaly, circa 1800 (patina lost/altered); one 19th century cast and carved Jakushi style with landscape; two Meiji period Tokyo art school plates, one mokko form with fukurin, one with seal decoration (light oxidation); and one recast mokko form plate with dragons. All exhibiting varying degrees of wear, with additional condition comments as noted above.
height 2 1/4 to 3 7/16in (5.7 to 8.3cm)