LAWRENCE, T.E. 1888-1935.
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Autograph Letter Signed ("TE Shaw"), 2 pp, recto and verso, 4to, R.A.F. Cattewater, Plymouth, England, April 26, 1929, to Henry Field of the Field Museum in Chicago, sharing impressions of Arabian topography and culture, with original autograph envelope, slight mat burn, some residue of adhesive on left margin, very pale dampstain on right margin.

Henry Field was a researcher of Middle Eastern anthropology and archaeology. Lawrence gives detailed, friendly advice and encouragement concerning Field's trip to the Syrian lava fields. "If you can, go into the Gara district, a lava field 80 miles S.E from Wejh, in Hejaz. Ibn Saud would probably let you, if you approached him through Philby, who's a good scientist and lives in Jiddah now. The Harrat el-Gaara is full of circles and grave-cairns, of black dolerite. I'm afraid I haven’t anything on the castles of the Middle East. The rumor must have come from a thesis I wrote for my Oxford History degree …." Lawrence also expresses some shocking embitterment concerning the reception Field can expect from the natives: "There is also the snag that the Bedouin today is Eolithic, when lazy; and Paleolithic, when he wants a decent flint to trim his toe-nails."
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