A Marilyn Monroe signed agreement, 1957
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A Marilyn Monroe signed agreement, 1957
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A Marilyn Monroe signed agreement, 1957
A letter from Monroe typed on a single sheet of paper dated "May 7, 1957" and written to Warner Bros. Pictures, granting them permission to use her name in their film titled "Green Eyes;" signed by her in blue fountain pen ink in the lower, right-side corner. Attached to this page (which appears to be a copy for Monroe's files) is a typed page of dialogue from the film where Monroe's name was used: "JOYCE: / (before mirror) / How's my hair? / BETSY: / (genuine admiration) / It's beautiful, Joyce! / JOYCE: / (preening herself) / It's kind of the way Marilyn Monroe does hers." Additionally, two other documents are included; a carbon copy of a letter sent to Warner Bros. Pictures from Monroe's secretary regarding this matter, and the original request letter sent to a 'Mrs. Lilian Dean' at Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc., evidently an employee at Monroe's company.
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