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Autograph log of his voyage on the Barque Loch Torridon from London to Adelaide, and return, setting out from London on 3 November and arriving on 22 December 1901; the return journey from 13 April to 29 June 1902, 4 pages, folio, on a ruled bifolium, minor dust-staining and light spotting; together with an autograph letter signed ("HRBowers"), to Captain David Wilson Barker, describing the voyage to Adelaide, by way of Fernando de Noronha, especially his attempts to catch and skin birds in the Southern Ocean ("...I have skinned a mollyhawk and a Cape Hen which I caught by the leg. I think I have made a better job of these last two, as they are not ruffled or cut about in any way. I have not cut their legs like I did with that wretchedly skinned bird I brought home before..."), although they failed to catch any flying fish, and asking for news of the Worcester, 4 pages, 8vo, Barque Loch Torridon, "Sat 5th Jan 1901" [1902]


  • Captain David Wilson Barker, the recipient of this letter and log, was the commander of HMS Worcester which Bowers had joined as a cadet in 1897, afterwards serving his indentures on the four-masted iron Barque Loch Torridon. It was to be Wilson Barker who was to introduce Bowers to Sir Clements Markham, and it was they who recommended him to Captain Scott, who took him on in March 1910 without even an interview, a trust amply rewarded by Bowers's painstaking scientific work and selfless conduct on their final journey.
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