James Lee Byars, The Black Book with Imaginary Covers (unframed)
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James Lee Byars (American, 1932-1997); THE BLACK BOOK;
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James Lee Byars (American, 1932-1997)
offset lithograph in gold on black tissue paper, with imaginary covers, Herman Daled, Brussels, Belgium
sheet 19 1/4 x 14 1/2in (49 x 36.5cm)


  • Note:
    This piece began with the collection of 100 questions from scientists in various disciplines. It was originally presented to guests at Forêt de Soignes near Brussels in February 22, 1971 and later appeared as the cover of the December-January issue of Flash Art with a caption reading: "Distributed through James Lee Byars in Bruxelles in February 1971, by courtesy of Herman Daled; June 1971, Los Angeles County Museum; October 1971, Michael Werner Gallery, Cologne."
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