An Acoma polychrome storage jar
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An Acoma polychrome storage jar
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An Acoma polychrome storage jar An Acoma polychrome storage jar
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An Acoma polychrome storage jar
A four-color example, with wide expansive sides, high shoulder and tapering neck, with double rainbow bands framing three large parrot depictions amidst a variety of foliage, smaller birds shown below the rim over panels of stylized feather and avian devices, minor touch up.
height 16in, diameter 17 3/4in


  • Ex-Private Collection, Boston, Massachusetts.

    See Frank and Harlow, Figure 134, for A Polychrome Olla with Large Parrot Pictorials, Acoma, circa 1900, in the collection of Francis Harlow.

    "This is an Acoma olla of extraordinary drama and energy. Along with the Acoma polychrome olla illustrated here as Fig. 24 (Pueblo Treasure), this olla qualifies as a candidate for the finest example of Acoma polychrome pottery produced during the late nineteenth century." -J.S.

    “A close comparison of this vessel with the jar in Fig. 24 shows many similarities and a few significant differences in the design elements. Perhaps the greatest difference is in the extension of the rainbow arcs to the ground and the incorporation of a block-like structure between them. The pairs of red bumps attached to the blocks occur in similar form in numerous vessels from several pueblos in the years just before and after 1900. It is interesting to speculate that the jars in Fig. 26 and 28 were painted by the same artist. The visual impact of all four of these parrot jars placed side by side is convincing evidence of a most remarkable talent at Acoma Pueblo for decorative exuberance built from numerous design elements of great symbolic significance. European religious paintings of the Renaissance often likewise incorporate a profusion of symbolic elements to assist in the telling of their stories." -F.H.H.