An Acoma polychrome olla
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An Acoma polychrome storage jar
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An Acoma polychrome storage jar
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An Acoma polychrome storage jar
With wide flaring sides, high shoulder and raised tapering neck, painted with a busy pattern of diagonal bands decorated with hatchured and checkered details, unusual motifs resembling mice along the edge of some bands, minor touch up.
height 16in, diameter 18in


  • Ex-Robert Gallegos Collection, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Illustrated in Harlow, Two Hundred Years of Historic Pueblo Pottery: The Gallegos Collection, Plate 27. Ex-Morning Star Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    See Frank and Harlow, Fig. 133, the right-hand bowl, for A Polychrome Bowl, Acoma Pueblo, circa 1880, which also features checkered geometric designs. The Acoma bowl illustrated in Frank and Harlow is in the collection of Mr. And Mrs. Larry Frank.

    "The band of black-on-white diagonal designs between the foot and the shoulder of this olla is extraordinarily well painted. The small, stylized mouse pictorials are unique to this example. This is an Acoma polychrome olla of the highest rarity and style." - J.S.

    “This fine large jar is covered with designs of long-standing significance. The use of both orange and red in the checkerboard pattern of the neck demonstrates a combination of pigments that requires especially skillful handling. Around the body of the jar lies a dynamic and flowing alternation
    of diagonal structures composed of traditional checkerboards, very fine and even cross hatchure, blankly staring eyes, 'rabbit-ear' appendages, and bold spikes that proclaim the strength and power of sure and confident artistry. Between the two bands of design lies a pair of broad black lines, severed in one place around the circumference by a clean break that has much sacred significance. The bottom has been covered with red clay slip, which turns to warm reddish brown during the firing process. This example exhibits traditional Acoma pottery at its finest.” -F.H.H.
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