Moon Rock Slice
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Moon Rock Slice
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Moon Rock Slice
NWA 479
Khter n'Ait Khebbach, Morocco, Northwest Africa

NWA meteorites are particularly sought after by collectors. Classified as a mare basalt, NWA 479 is one of the youngest lunar rocks analyzed so far. Though most mare basalts are heavily brecciated (made up of angular fragments), NWA 479 is distinguished as one of only two unbrecciated lunar meteorites. Discovered in Morocco in 2000, recent research suggests that the age of NWA 479--just 2.8 billion years old--provides evidence for prolonged volcanic activity on the Moon. Lunar escape velocity (the velocity at which impacted lunar material can be freed of the Moon’s gravitational field) is only a few times the muzzle velocity of a rifle. Rocks on the lunar surface impacted to this velocity or greater will leave the Moon’s gravitational influence to be either captured by the Earth’s gravitational field or to assume an orbit around the Sun. Therefore, lunaites found on Earth may have departed the Moon a few hundred thousand years ago (an even shorter time in some cases) or millions of years ago. The present example would be a distinguished addition to any collection.
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