Stingray Mural with Fish
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Stingray Mural with Fish
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Stingray Mural with Fish
Heliobatis radians, Knightia eocaena
Green River Formation, Wyoming

The fossil specimens of the 50 million-year-old lake system in what is now known as southwestern Wyoming are remarkable for the broad spectrum of species found here. More than twenty-five species of fish and many varieties of insects, plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals have been discovered. Stingrays are considered uncommon finds in this famous geologic formation. From the layer known as the F-2 Horizon, the present specimen exhibits excellent preservation of the delicate fin rays. In association with the stingray are 5 superb fossil fish, Knightia eocaena. The mural has been backed with high grade plywood and fitted with a French cleat mounting system for easy wall display.
Stingray measures approximately 16 x 8 1/2in
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