A Vanuatu grade figure
Lot 5320W
A Vanuatu grade figure
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Property of various owners
A Vanuatu grade figure
Carved from a single fernwood trunk, worked to depict a female figure, her knees bent together, one hand demurely covering the sex, the other hand resting on the pregnant belly, the oversized and stylized head marked by projecting cylinder eyes, pronounced brow, overhanging hairline and tapered discoid jaw, covered overall in a thin mudpack, on a post base.
height 68 1/2in


  • Provenance:
    D'Arcy Galleries, New York, sold to the present owner in 1967. A bill of sale details the following: "'Maoe lon bul' Grade Symbol Figure used to commemorate a man's attainment of a certain rank in the social hierarchy. It comes from the Northern section of the Ambrym Island, which is part of the New Hebrides group. The age of the figure is estimated at between 50 and 75 years. It is covered with a muddy substance of the type found on most similar figures as a base for painted decoration."
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