A quantity of mainly South Italian black ware vessels, several Egyptian antiquities and a terracotta
Lot 330
A miscellaneous group of Antiquities a lot
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Lot Details
A miscellaneous group of Antiquities
Circa 1000 B.C and later
Including a fragment of an Egyptian turquoise glazed composition cat amulet, decorated with black spots, with a suspension loop on the back, Third Intermediate Period, 2in. (5cm.), feet and base missing; an Egyptian pale green glazed composition rectangular tile, 33/8in. (8.5cm.) long; a white glazed composition gaming piece, possibly New Kingdom, 11/8in. (2.3cm.) high; a small Egyptian wooden falcon wearing a broad collar, with some polychrome paint remaining, Late Period, 17/8in. (4.7cm.) high; a group of black glazed South Italian pottery vessels, circa 4th Century B.C., including a a tall hydria, 91/8in. (23.3cm.) high, damaged; a feeder vessel with a tapering spout and ribbed body, 27/8in. (7.3cm.) chipped; the body of a squat lekythos with fine vertical ribs, 43/8in. (11.2cm.) high, neck missing; a handled cup, 3in. (7.7cm.), and a Gnathian ware skyphos, enlivened with crimson and cream slip, decorated with foliate motifs and sprigs, 2½in. (5.7cm.) high, handle broken; a Corinthian pottery aryballos, decorated with umber bands and dots, 2½in. (6.3cm.) high, possibly Not Ancient; a Byzantine bronze fragmentary cross incised with a saint and an inscription in Greek above, circa 11th Century A.D., 25/8in. (6.7cm.) high; and other pottery fragments and items; and a large pottery askos moulded with classical scenes, After the Antique, (a lot)


  • Provenance:
    Property of a private owner, the items acquired by her late father Mr S.D.T. Spittle during the Second World War and shortly afterwards whilst serving in the Middle East.
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